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DreamFire SEO Audits

Audits are the foundational, quintessential element to building a road map for growth, and ensuring your brand’s digital presence is getting every last drop of authority, relevance, and trust from search engines and potential customers.

Our Website Audits Provide The Baseline For Growth

DreamFire gives you a baseline understanding of “where you are today” in terms of your website. And, we provide the specificity, the details, to evoke real change on multiple levels to help your site reach its full potential.

We benchmark each section of our audit against best practices for SEO and usability. There is no “sugar-coating” in our website audits. If we withhold and ignore an issue based on how a client might hypothetically react, we wouldn’t be helping you improve.

We’re digital marketing professionals, and when we deliver the results of our audits, it is done in a way that helps you understand the root of the issue, not that it is simply an “issue”.

What We Look At In Our Comprehensive Audits

DreamFire audits take a deep-dive into every facet of your website and digital presence. All the nooks and crannies. Each SEO Audit is hand-crafted; no automated software and no generalized lists of “go-do’s”. We surface all the possible issues, both major and minor, that are working against your website getting the maximum trust, relevance, and authority for your content. Just a few elements that DreamFire looks at:

Technical URL Structure Site Architecture Issues
Sub-Domain & Site-Domain Mapping Potential Technical Code Issues
Duplicate Content Issues UX & Design Implications on SEO
Internal Linking Strategy Evaluation External Link Graph Evaluation
Potential Search Engine Crawl Issues Social & Local Analysis for SEO

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Analytics & Goal Tracking Evaluation Content Evaluation & Strategy
Keyword & Meta-Data Evaluation On-Page SEO Factors

The Next Steps To Getting An SEO Audit

Not only do our SEO audits show what’s holding your site back from its potential, DreamFire explains each element and potential problem. It’s one thing to know something is a problem, but we believe in empowering our clients to know why it’s an issue, educate, and create a common language between us. It’s easier to create solves if we’re all speaking a similar language. If you’re interested in our SEO Audit and Consulting Services, please contact us for availability. Because all audits are customized and tailored to each individual client, availability is limited.