Amazon Marketing Services & Product Ads

What are Amazon Marketing Services & Product Ads

Not all products on have the ability to sell well from the start (even with Amazon SEO in place, it takes time for the A9 algorithm to assess them). That’s why created Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Product Ads. AMS and Product Ads are self-service marketing tools offered to first-party and third-party sellers on to help promote specific products to drive visibility and sales.

AMS – Overview

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is based on product category, keyword targeting, and are CPC-based. Unlike Amazon Media Group campaigns, all the legwork is on the advertiser to build the most effective campaign possible: you target, you set up campaigns, and you adjust bids as necessary using three ad types:
  • Headline ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • Product display ads
Once the campaign is launched, it is incumbent on the seller to monitor and measure the campaign to make any adjustments necessary.

Amazon Product Ads – Overview

Amazon Product Ads is a feed-based service (using XLS and text files) based on product category, keyword targeting, and are CPC-based. Unlike AMS, Amazon Product Ads drive consumers to your from, that is managed through Seller Central. For a complete overview, view DreamFire Digital’s SMX Advanced presentation on The Ecosystem of Amazon Ads.

Ready to Build Better Campaigns on Amazon

At DreamFire, we’ve been building AMS and Product Ad campaigns on since the inception of the programs. DreamFire has consistently created triple-digit ROI on campaigns and boost eCommerce sales. If you’re ready to work with us, please contact us for availability. Contact DreamFire Digital