Amazon SEO

Why is Amazon Search a Crucial Winning Point in eTail?

Because search constitutes how over 90% of consumers find products on Amazon, how does Amazon make sure those searches help consumers into the purchase funnel? The A9 Algorithm. It’s what powers search on And, like all algorithms, it uses a lot of factors to determine what products should show up and how they show up.

Amazon SEO Leverages A9’s 6 Core FactorsAmazon A9 Algorithm Core Factors

The fundamental goal to drive product sales has shaped the A9 Algorithm. Product information is just 1 of the 6 major factors that A9 assess when creating Amazon search results for consumers. Amazon uses all these signals, combining them, to determine how relevant a product is and to create a search results page based on the consumer’s need. DreamFire Digital leverages all 6 of these factors to help increase position in A9 search results; more importantly, increase your product sales.

Optimizing Your Amazon Catalog

At DreamFire, we start with your product information, as this is the primary signal that drives product relevance in the A9 algorithm. DreamFire conducts consumer journey keyword research to discover how your consumers search for your category and your products, apply that research to your product content, all while maintaining a consistent brand-tone.

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