Why Are Content Audits Crucial To Success?

The key to any successful content strategy is knowing what content you have, how that content performs in terms of business goals and user goals, and where content is needed to fill the gap. And, that’s precisely what DreamFire content audits do. Once we create an inventory of the content on your website, we audit your content by assigning a grade based on the following components:

Is content on thematic or categorical topic? Is content organized correctly in site architecture?
Does content support user & business goals? Does content meet a threshold of user traffic?
Is content up-to-date or factually accurate? Are SEO elements being utilized?

The Next Step: A Content Gap Analysis

Once DreamFire has reviewed and graded your site’s content through a content audit, we perform a content gap analysis in conjunction with your existing (and potential) consumer’s needs, intents, and questions they ask when searching in the product or service category.

Using Consumer Search Behavior To Build Better Content Marketing Strategy

The gap analysis gives us insight into what questions your website is already answering for consumers, and where it’s falling short based on our unique search-science methodology.

We use search behavior to inform what content can contribute to a stronger presence in search, drive more user engagement with your website, and create the foundation for a long-term content strategy.

Getting A Content Audit For Your Website

Ready to start on the path to creating the best content for your website and drive higher engagement? Contact Us to find out our availability; all content audits custom-tailored to each client.

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