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Content That Connects Your Audience With Your Brand

Content Marketing & StrategyNot all content is created equal. DreamFire uses a unique search-science approach to identify and create brand content that connects and engages with consumers in every phase of their consumer journey. Our brand of content marketing is what we like to call need-state content.

What is Need-State Content Marketing?

By discovering, dissecting, and devoting content to your consumers’ need-states, DreamFire establishes your brand as a relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy resource. When customers believe they can rely on your brand website for the information they need, they will want to return and engage again. Consumers’ are more likely to share your content in social channels and tell their real-life social circles about your website.

DreamFire specializes in creating this need-state driven content (articles, blogs, product and service landing page content, and advertorial content) to boost your brand’s relevance, authority, and trustworthiness.

Content Marketing Starts With A Content Audit

We start with a content audit and breaking down your customers’ search need states, grading and inventory your content, and performing a content gap analysis. After that, DreamFire can work with your brand to create content that impacts your target consumers.

The Three Cornerstones of Content Creation

If you’re here, then you know creating the right content matters. Telling your brand’s story requires a delicate balance of the three cornerstones of content:

  • Brand Tone
  • Using the right marketing language
  • Using the right product/service information language

When these three elements combine, it builds trust and engagement with your audience. At DreamFire, we specialize in strategy-driven content marketing that generates leads, site traffic, and sales.

Helping Your Brand Create The Right Content

DreamFire’s content audit helps to create the long-term content strategy and plan, and our content creation solutions work to bring that strategy to life with:

  • Landing page copy
  • Product and service copy
  • Blog posts and articles

Based on our content audit, we create content using a unique technique that leverages search science and consumer journey insights. We what questions do they need answered through content.understand how consumers are searching in each phase of their journey, but what exactly they are searching for in those phases. 

SEO Optimized Content

If you’ve had the same content on your site since it was created, or it no longer matches up with the products or services that you provide, then it’s time for a refresh. 

That’s precisely where SEO optimized content enters. We update your content to keep search traffic flowing in and your audience engaged. We work with you to optimize your existing content so that it’s firing on all cylinders from both a search engine perspective and user engagement perspective.

And, going forward, we craft all new content so that is already optimized on-publish. Here’s just a few of things we do to ensure your content is SEO-ready:

  • Onsite content optimization

    • Content heading optimization
    • Target keyword implementation
    • Knowledge graph association implementation
    • Natural and semantic language integration
  • User experience & Conversion optimization

    • Call-to-Action (CTA) implementation
  • Image & Video Optimization


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