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Getting The SEO Training Knowledge You Need For Your In-House Team

DreamFire Digital Marketing Training Courses
Whether you are a agency looking to ramp up quickly, a small business looking to understand the core SEO essentials, or a mid-size-to-large corporation in the Dallas-Fort Worth region (DFW) looking to train your in-house team, DreamFire Digital offers training seminars that fit those needs. We offer in-person, face-to-face classes.

While online SEO courses and training seminars offer convenience and anywhere-access, DreamFire believes the best learning of SEO happens in a real-time, real-world classroom environment that provides experience; real interaction from a group of peers: discussion, question-and-answer sessions, and engagement.

What Makes DreamFire SEO Training Seminars Different?

These course are hand-crafted and built by digital marketing expert and SEO industry veteran: Tony Verre. With over a decade of real-world experience in digital and search marketing, with several years of speaking at search marketing conferences attended by marketers from across the globe, with training his own teams over the years, with a background in teaching, and as a graduate of the Market Motive SEO Master Course, he knows how to breakdown very complex digital marketing and SEO ideas and theories into digestible and easily understood concepts.

2 SEO Training Classes To Engage With

DreamFire offers three SEO courses for varying levels of expertise and focus:

  • Essential SEO Training
  • Amazon SEO Training

What’s Covered in the Essential SEO Training Course?

DreamFire’s Essential SEO training course focuses heavily on the core basics of SEO. This is a one day course that is aimed at those individuals that might know what “SEO” stands for, but have only a rough, rudimentary understanding of how it works or how it is implemented.

Over the course of a day, you’ll learn the fundamentals of SEO:

  • Basic concepts in technical analysis of a website
  • Learn how to perform keyword research and competitive analysis like a professional
  • Learn how to use your keyword research to target through content
  • An introduction to other digital marketing disciplines (e.g. UX, Content Marketing, Social, etc.) interact with SEO
  • A final competency exam to help solidify the concepts taught throughout the day

This course teaches you best-in-class methodologies to analyze and create a solid SEO foundation for your website, providing you the building blocks for next-level digital marketing and SEO strategy. This is a course that works well for marketing professionals, designers, web developers, IT personnel, site owners and managers, and anyone responsible for organic search traffic.

Cost for Essential SEO Training Course: $800/person

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What’s Covered in the Amazon SEO Training Course?

DreamFire’s Amazon SEO training course focuses on dissecting and understand Amazon’s A9 algorithm and how to increase your search presence and sales in Amazon search. This is a half-day course that is aimed at brands and companies selling their products on and are looking for ways to increase visibility and sales.

Over the course of a day, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of Amazon SEO:

  • How the A9 algorithm works and evaluates products
  • Learn how to perform transaction-driven, consumer keyword research
  • Learn how to optimize your product content to improve search and sales
  • An introduction to Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and making it a powerful ally
  • A final competency exam to help solidify the concepts taught throughout the day

This course teaches you best-in-class methodologies to analyze and create relevant and benefit-driven product content on to improve search visibility and product sales, as well as the basics to creating an efficient, ROI-driven AMS campaigns. This is a course is recommended for in-house brand marketing professionals, small business owners, or anyone responsible for eCommerce or Amazon sales.

Cost for Amazon SEO Training Course: $1000/person

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