Following Your Bliss

Origin Stories Are Only As Intriguing As Their Origins

Following Your BlissEverything comes from somewhere; a root, a source, and a beginning. That’s why as humans, as conscious, sentient creatures, we’re interested in them. Perhaps even crave them to satisfy the idea of knowing. But, as far as origin stories are concerned, this isn’t one of the most glamorous or intriguing you’ll read about (likely this year; possibly even this week).

Is it important how the company got its name? Does that matter? Would anyone believe that it’s based on symbolic representation of fire as impetus of the creative spirit; to doing, making, creating? And, that fire is a classical Greek symbol that represented of the four main elements of the universe, but also scientific knowledge? Maybe. Coupled with the cloud, a symbol of the dream-state, but also symbolic of epiphany or sudden realization. Does that even matter in the age of start-ups and company names mashing together language to form an identity?

What I can tell you is that DreamFire formed because I had to/have to follow my bliss.

What Following Your Bliss Means

It’s phrase I borrowed with care from Joseph Campbell. It sounds simple enough:

…individuals who searched within themselves and their societies to identify the need about which they were passionate. He called this burning need that they sought to fulfill their bliss.

That’s my bliss: digital strategy and search. However, it’s anything but simple. Following your bliss has both its share of unbridled joy and wincing pain, exhilarating wins and long paths to plow, early mornings and late nights. Bliss carries all of life’s emotions in it, the full spectrum, with the expectation that if you are truly following passion, you will be able to muster the courage to walk with it all.

And, so, DreamFire is the manifestation of following bliss. Through all the years of teaching the craft of search and digital strategy, crafting strategy, and executing it, it’s time to build something I can call my own, follow through on the passion that has been driving me for over a decade.

What You Can Expect From The Blog

We’ll certainly be posting pieces. And, we’ll definitely try to post with some regularity. They might be opinion pieces, resource pieces, SEO and Search pieces, strategy pieces, or even pieces about business and life philosophy in general. Essentially, anything that contributes to a discussion.

We’re looking forward to that discussion; we’re looking forward to having that conversation.