About Us

Who We Are

At DreamFire Digital, we aren’t large enough to have a dazzling, extensive, and expositional page about the company. We won’t be able to “wow” you with a never-ending list of C-Suite executives with business acumen and savvy. We won’t be able to impress you (yet) with a storied list of Fortune 500 brands and powerhouse clients, but we have a couple to boast about. And, we won’t be able to leave you speechless with a list of awards and accolades we’ve accumulated. Those are the places the DreamFire Digital team grew up, cut their teeth, and matured inside.

In the end, DreamFire Digital is built on a group of seasoned, bright, and exceptional digital marketers with a rich background and expertise in search marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing strategy.

How We Work

Our philosophy is simple: we work from the idea of foundation and extend outward. Meaning, we work to create a solid, sturdy, and airtight base to build long-term and ROI-driven digital marketing strategies. We are data-driven; we use search-science, consumer insights, analytics, and best practices to reinforce websites and digital marketing strategies, building them for continued growth and success.

Clients We Work With

At DreamFire, we’ve worked with national and global enterprises, worked with growth-orientated small and mid-sized businesses. We can move fluidly from niche categories to the most competitive CPG categories to B2B categories. There isn’t any single category or segment we’re afraid to take on and thrive in.

At DreamFire, we work under the single variable of driving toward excellence. With our seasoned digital marketers and “real world” experience dealing with Fortune 500 and small businesses, we’ve built processes and a way of doing things that maximizes time efficiency, budgets, and results.

Founding DreamFire

DreamFire Digital Founder Tony VerreDreamFire’s founder is Tony Verre, a well-known, and respected, digital marketing expert and search marketing industry veteran. He is the leading expert in Amazon SEO and digital shelf optimization.

With over ten years of digital marketing experience, he’s created and built omni-channel digital marketing and search marketing strategy for several Fortune 500 and 1000 Companies like Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, MARS, ConAgra, and Warner Brothers to name a few.

He has worked with nationally accredited universities, large B2B businesses, and with small CPG businesses across the nation. He speaks frequently at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and other conferences.